What exactly is a ‘managed IT service’?


Managed IT services mean you are effectively outsourcing IT management responsibilities and functions. The primary aim is to improve business operations while being more economical than performing the service in-house.

By investing in a managed IT service, you will be provided ongoing support. It’s all about taking a proactive approach which means you and your business can spend less time worrying about ‘computer problems’.

What your business gains by outsourcing its IT Management:


REDUCED COSTS: A third party service ensures your system is properly managed and maintained, without breaking the budget.

EFFICIENCY: Trying to take care of your IT system in-house can be time consuming, but by utilising a managed service, you can spend more time on important matters such as running your business!

LESS DOWNTIME: Don’t let computer problems reduce your productivity; by having your system professionally managed, you can reduce the likelihood of costly downtime.

UP TO DATE INFRASTRUCTURE: Both hardware and software become outdated overtime; Vici Solutions support service will work to ensure your system is up to date and running as efficiently as possible.

ONGOING SUPPORT: You service provider will be on hand to answer questions and provide assistance if need be, meaning you will always have a point of contact should anything go wrong. This is an addition to our remote assistance.

We provide a comprehensive support service for small to medium sizes businesses. From web hosting to system maintenance and backup management, we deliver an end-to-end service that reduces downtime and increases productivity.

Our service includes:
Discover, Audit, Inventory, Monitor
We analyze your current situation and needs in order to advise you what is the best solution for your business. For further details or special requests please contact us: 1300 530 609

Clients and Servers
A crucial aspect of technology performance is based on how clients and servers interact. We suggest one centrally managed server as we find it’s the key to ease of management (as well as being cost effective), however we can tailor a package that fits to your business. Our team will be happy to go through your needs and requirements to find out the best solution for you.

Help Desk Ticketing
We provide help desk support to your end users, all issues are tracked and each incident has a tracking ID to solve it.

Remote Control
With remote control and IT Support, you’ll not only have the protection of knowing there is a professional IT Engineer who can repair your computer remotely, you’ll also receive feedback explaining how and why the PC problem occurred in the first place.

Our agents installed on your computers give us the benefit of allowing us to connect to your computers and resolve any issue.

Backup Management
The loss of a database can be devastating to the running of your business. All your information is important and to be unable to recover can be impactful. Database backups are essential for protection against data loss that can completely disrupt business operations. Rest easy that Vici Solutions can secure and protect your data.

IT Maintenance Packages
We can create a plan customized for your business and home. Ongoing Maintenance agreements can be tailored to your requirements. No one size fits all. Also you can check our plans and pre purchase onsite & remote IT Support and use as required.

Special Systems Maintenance
Special systems maintenance is scheduled as needed. It includes emergency fixes and requests which require implementation outside the monthly maintenance.

Monthly Systems Maintenance
Preventative maintenance and technical support. It’s better to be one step ahead to manage smoothly your system and decrease any future downtime